After months of speculation, with people tiddling and taddling around zazU. The list of zazUvian heroes has been announced. These citizens have given their life and souls to zazU and we want every citizen to know it was very difficult to pick out those lucky few who really cut the mustard. If your name didn't make the list then we are sorry but their is always next year. 

z.b: They are in no particular order

roN cooK

katE quinN

christopheR machelL

danieL seiferT

annE bennetT 

katE nicholsoN

jiM ricE

susaN machelL

jameS nairN

janE banKs

stepheN nicholsoN

sallY morrisoN

roB morrisoN

heleN politT

pineapplE johN

jonathaN watsoN

neiL pallendeR

nicK bucklanD

edwarD klabeR

beverleY rutledgE

jessE powiS

lynN delderfielD

kareN boulT

susaN swaiN

daN o'connoR

elizabetH mannerS

clairE trumblE

adaM morleY

daN belL

J begenT

johN smitH

charleS clarK

jeffreY browN

susaN browN

marY duggaN

kareN tapsoN

peteR reaD

larA denninG

pauL armitagE

jameS harrisoN

barbarA powleY

keviN powleY

sarA frencH

yvonnekE roE

philL halL

catrionA lloyD

kellY sporN

adriaN burN

richarD clifforD

christinE drydeN

laurA tayloR

We apologise mrS thompsoN you just missed the cut as we run out of paper but break an elbow for next year. Once again thank you to all our amazing application to be a zazUvian hero. We hope those of you who were selected where the honour with pride and a hat. 

geraldinE (ceo zazUvian council) xx