• Museum of Comedy (map)
  • The Undercroft St George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way
  • London, WC1A 2SR
  • United Kingdom

Visit zazU! A land of opportunity and absolutely no mole infestation problems whatsoever. Last year, visitors to zazU had a lovely time 'I like the water' (Matt Berry), and found that as well as a lovely holiday they also got a 'side splittingly funny' (Broadway Baby) character and narrative comedy show named one of List's Top Five Debuts 2014. Someone else said: ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). 

Things have been escalating in the land of zazU, so this year they bring you a show which is even stranger, even more dangerous and ever more epic.

This preview gives you a sneaky peaky glimpse in before the tourism high season. Bring galoshes and a small feather duster.

'There’s a really professional veneer to zazU, born of the collective chemistry of all four performers and wrought from long hours of rehearsal and sharp insights, utilising physical and verbal comedy while the discipline of live performance keeps it fresh – If your taste is for comedy that is slightly surreal, anarchic and smart while reflecting a world we recognise, this is for you' - Harriet Griffey Live Theatre